Code 530

Origin DNS Error Cloudflare

Cloudflare cannot resolve the A/AAAA or CNAME DNS record requested. Even if Cloudflare is resolving correctly, the record cannot be found or is a CNAME record to an external domain that cannot be resolved.

The Error Message the browser will see will show a 1016 error, but the actual HTTP response code is 530.

The most common causes are:

  • Your Cloudflare DNS configuration does not have an A/AAAA DNS record that matches the origin IP address.
  • You have a CNAME DNS record pointing to an external domain that cannot be resolved.
  • You’re using Cloudflare Load Balancer and the origin host names (CNAMEs) in your default/region and fallback pools cannot be resolved via DNS.
sequenceDiagram participant User participant Cloudflare participant Website Note right of Website: Behind Cloudflare User ->> Cloudflare: Initial request Cloudflare -->> Website: Can't resolve the website Cloudflare -->> User: Returns 530 error